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Large Reversible Rollaway Nest Box
(15-minute assembly)

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This community style nest box with a slightly angled floor allows eggs to gently roll away from the hen’s reach to keep eggs clean and to reduce egg eating. Eggs are easily collected in the covered egg tray. Hens share the chicken nesting area which measures 12” deep x 48” long. Our roll out nest boxes can be converted between rear roll out and front roll out. This simply means that you will have the ability to switch the covered egg tray to the front or the back at any time. One brown nest pad is included with each nest box. Order an additional nest pad for the convenience of rotating nest pads as one is being washed. Accommodates up to 45 hens.

  • Assembled Dimensions - 48.25” length, 21" height at the highest point of the roof, 21” depth 
  • Assembled Nest Box Weight - 40 pounds
Trying to decide between the two large nest boxes available?
  • The difference between the two large nest boxes is the amount of assembly time for the customer. Both boxes are easy to assemble. Both boxes have the same quality materials, design and functionality. 
  • The large nest box at $200 has more assembly for the customer. Easy assembly with a longer assembly time. 
  • Approximate assembly time for the large nest box at $200 - 30 to 45 minutes  
  • Approximate assembly time for the large nest box at $225 - 15 minutes

When ordering 6 or more large nest boxes, freight is settled by phone or email to get the best pricing for our customers.

Learn more about the unique features of the Best Nest Box. 

See more videos of the Best Nest Box in action.

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Shipping does not always calculate correctly when ordering more than 1 box.  Please contact us via email or phone if the UPS charge is more than the UPS charge to ship 1 box to your address multiplied by the number of boxes you ordered.  For example, the UPS charge to ship 1 box to your address costs $35.00.  Multiply $35.00 by the number of boxes (2) you ordered.  If the UPS calculation is more than $70.00, contact us and a corrected invoice payable through the online store will be emailed to you Or call to receive the correct UPS pricing.  330-558-1120

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