The Best Chicken Hoop - Mobile

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Move your egg layers or meat birds around pasture in this portable chicken hoop house.

Stronger Structures - Faster Moves - Easier To Feed

Strong Design

The Best Chicken Hoop - is the only hoop on the market that does not have floor level bars 18" off the ground every 4-6 feet. This house features a bracing system that makes the hoop stronger and eliminates the need for floor level bars (knee knocker bars). This strong design also eliminates collapsing centers, busting c-channel, broken skids and alignment problems.

Easier Assembly

The Best Chicken Hoop assembles 25% faster then other brands.

Quick Moves

Since the Best Chicken Hoop doesn't have those knee knocker bars, the birds move along quickly during a move. With the floor level bars (everyone else's hoop design) birds are slowed and occasionally crushed by the bars. Once you have a routine down you can move 700 birds in 2 minutes (The record is 35 seconds.)

Easier To Feed

With The Best Chicken Hoop, there are no bars to trip over so you can walk through the hoop carrying feed buckets with ease. In every other hoop. you have a bar to step over (and lift feed buckets over) every 4-6 feet. The floor level bars are just the right height to bruise your shins.

The Best Chicken Hoop 20x48 & 20x36 Includes:

  • Tow Kit
  • Opaque Plastic Roof (Eliminates the need for shade cloth.)
  • Roll up side curtains
  • Roll up front and back curtains
  • The world's best bracing system
  • Covered 4x7 Doors

Nesting boxes are not included. If you are using this portable house for egg layers, the Best Nest Box can be fastened along the 48 foot sidewalls.

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