New Economy Large Front Rollaway or Rear Rollaway Nest Box - Reversible

New Economy Large Front Rollaway or Rear Rollaway Nest Box - Reversible

Our Roll Out Nest Boxes

At Best Nest Box, we understand the joys that come from chicken farming and egg harvesting. Of course, we also understand the difficulties that come with chicken farming and egg harvesting, especially when it comes to dirty or broken eggs. This decreases productivity and ultimately costs you money. That’s why we’ve developed our nest boxes using an innovative design to guarantee you the maximum level of egg protection.

Investing in one of our nest boxes ensures fewer broken eggs, clean eggs, and ultimate satisfaction.

How Do Our Roll Nest Boxes Work?

Our unique egg guard is angled in toward the laying area, which prevents the hens from damaging eggs. For added protection, our nest pad is set atop a 1"x1" galvanized wire mesh for improved air circulation. Our roll out nest boxes can be converted between rear and front roll out. This simply means that you will have the ability to switch the egg tray to the front or back at any time. This is a versatile feature that isn’t available at many nest box retailers.

We’ve also made ease of installation a priority. You can rest assured that any nest box you buy from Best Nest Box will have an installation process that is quicker and easier than any you’ve encountered before. Once you see for yourself just how easy our nest boxes are to set up, you’ll never want to go back to a traditional model.

One concern that many people have when buying a nest box is its durability. While other nest boxes can break down and will not stand the test of time, our nest boxes are constructed from the strongest and most durable galvanized steel in addition to being Made in the U.S.A. Ultimately, we offer the best front and rear roll out nest boxes on the market. Call us today for more information!

Front or rear roll out nest box.  The slightly angled floor allows eggs to roll away from the hens' reach to keep eggs clean and to reduce egg eating.  This community style box accommodates up to 45 hens.  Easy assembly. No riveting. Reversible egg tray at anytime. Nest box mounts to a wall by attached eye rings or use nest box freestanding. One nest pad is included with each nest box. Order an additional nest pad for the convenience of rotating nest pads as one is being washed. The removable nest pad is made of polyethylene resins in a grass-like configuration.  These pads are easy to clean and do not provide a home for bacteria.

Assembled dimensions - 48.25" length, 21" width and 19.75" height.  Nest box weight is 41 pounds.

Orders placed today will ship in 1 to 2 business days. If shipping will not calculate at checkout, call or email.  Shipping is available to all USA and CANADIAN addresses. IF ordering more then 1 nest box, please see shipping price information below.

Differences between our original nest box and our NEW economy nest box -

  • The Economy nest box has more assembly.  Easy assembly with a longer assembly time.
  • Economy box is 19.75" in height.  Original nest box is 21" in height.

Shipping does not always calculate correctly when ordering more than 1 box.  Please contact us via email or phone if the UPS charge is more than the UPS charge to ship 1 box to your address multiplied by the number of boxes you ordered.  For example, the UPS charge to ship 1 box to your address costs $24.00.  Multiply $24.00 by the number of boxes (2) you ordered.  If the UPS calculation is more than $48.00, contact us and a corrected invoice payable through the online store will be emailed to you Or call to receive the correct UPS pricing.  330-558-1120

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