3 Biggest Benefits of Chicken Nesting Boxes

March 23, 2017

chicken nesting boxWhether you're employed in the industry or simply a hobbyist, chicken farming can be an enjoyable and productive activity to take on. One of the most critical parts of chicken farming is keeping the chickens contained. Chicken nesting boxes are some of the most common methods of containing chickens. One box for every four to five hens is the minimum for your hens to feel comfortable laying in them. If you're unsure about how to best contain your chickens, here are some of the benefits of chicken nesting boxes.
  • Fewer broken eggs:
    It's frustrating enough to bring home a dozen eggs from the supermarket and see that some are broken, but dealing with broken eggs is even more frustrating when you're doing all the work of raising the chickens yourself. While they are fairly common, you can decrease the number of broken eggs by investing in a roll away nest box. These allow the eggs to be removed easier and reduces the possibility of breakage. Any type of easy-to-clean nest box will assist in reducing broken eggs.
  • More durable:
    Chicken nesting boxes are known for their strength and ease of assembly. These boxes are designed to withstand all of the various daily activities of the chickens. Heavier boxes are made of thicker metal and will last for many years and egg laying cycles. Raising chickens is already a large time expenses, and you can save hours by investing in a nesting box with minimal assembly required.
  • Easier to clean:
    Keeping your chicken nesting boxes clean is an essential part of being a successful chicken farmer. Dirty nesting boxes can negatively impact the health and egg laying capability of the chickens. Many nesting boxes offer features designed to make the cleaning process as quickly and efficiently as possible. Any type of easy-to-clean nest box will also assist in reducing broken eggs, but roll away nest boxes offer the easiest cleaning and the most animal interaction. Keeping your chicken coops clean will result in happier chickens and better eggs.
Ultimately, there are many more benefits to different types of chicken nesting boxes. Doing plenty of research to find the right one for your needs is the best way to ensure you're giving your chickens the best living conditions possible. For more information about chicken nesting boxes, contact Best Nest Box.