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The Best Nest Box Difference

Best manufacturing processes leads to best customer experience

The original Best Nest Box design was introduced in 2003. It was the first community rollout nest box on the market. The box was developed and refined through years of field-testing. The Best Nest Box is manufactured with high-quality USA steel to precise standards allowing for an easy-to-assemble, long-lasting, sturdy, and highly functional nest box.

Our manufacturer has decades of sheet metal fabrication experience and is continually investing in the latest technology to produce the highest quality products.

Best Nest Box uses advanced machinery with experienced operators.

Most of the individual pieces of the Best Nest Box, including the fastener holes, are precisely cut by CNC laser machines. In addition, most of the sheet metal bends are performed consistently and precisely on advanced computer-controlled machines by experienced operators. These production methods are more costly upfront, but allow for smoother and safer edges and better fitment of pieces, which translates to easier assembly and overall better “fit and finish”. Furthermore, our exacting manufacturing tolerances produce a better operating nest box. For example, our tight tolerances produce an egg tray door which operates smoothly and closes precisely and a consistently sloped floor for the eggs to roll on.

Laser-cutting produces perfect bolt holes and smooth and round edges eliminating sharp corners and edges.  It also produces better alignment of parts allowing for easier assembly.

The Best Nest Box Floor Difference

For a roll out nest box the floor is one of the most, if not the most, important part of the nest box and here you'll see a difference with the Best Nest Box. We spend a good amount of time to form the floor so that it has a consistent and uniform slope, allowing the eggs to consistently roll out to the collection area. With other brands, you'll see floors that are too steep causing eggs to roll out too fast which increases the possibility of cracked eggs or floors that are too shallow or not uniform causing eggs to settle before making it into the collection area.

Also important to note is that our floor is constructed so that the laying area has a material specifically designed by AstroTurf® for hens to lay on and the collection area uses wire mesh. Other brands on the market use nest pad material in both the laying and collection areas. The wire mesh in the collection area of the Best Nest Box allows debris (manure, hay, feather, dirt, etc.) to make it's way out of the nest box and keep your egg collection area and eggs cleaner. Here's a video of a farmer using another manufacturer's nest box which uses pad material in the collection area. The farmer mentions "collecting the poop". This is the result when there is no way for debris to exit the nest box. Also, pulling the nest pad out frequently to shake off the debris leads to premature wearing and tearing of the nest pad. To learn more about full nest pad versus Best Nest Box's pad/wire mesh approach, check out our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Best customer support

Our customers range from grandmas with a few backyard chickens to farmers with thousands of chickens in production flocks. Our goal is to make every Best Nest Box customer satisfied. But don't take our word for it, you can read over a thousand real reviews from happy customers here.

We don't sugarcoat or hide things either. Chickens are simple creatures (ever hear of the expression bird-brain?) and because of this issues can sometimes arise with any product from ANY manufacturer. If a manufacturer tells you they have a product or a feature that eliminates potential issues, be wary.

If problems do come up, we are here to help. We've talked with and emailed with our customers for hundreds of hours helping them with their chicken needs and issues (including matters not directly related to the Best Nest Box). Visit our contact us page here to find ways to reach us or our FAQ page here to find answers to common questions.