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3 Steps You Can Take To Ensure The Safety of Your Chickens and Eggs

August 04, 2015

roll away nest boxAs a chicken farmer, your biggest concern is obviously keeping your birds and eggs safe. Aside from the occasional dropped egg, there are far more serious scenarios to be on the lookout for when it comes to raising chickens.

Here are some tips to consider in order to protect your brood.
  1. Consider getting a livestock guardian dog
    Certain breeds are predisposed for protection, especially when it comes to protecting livestock from predators. Whether you're worried about coyotes, foxes, raccoons, or other unwanted visitors, an LGD is sure to be a great deterrent.

    For poultry, in particular, we suggest using Great Pyrenees dogs. Great Pyrenees have been used to protect livestock for centuries due to their natural guarding instinct. While other breeds may be tempted to chase your chickens, Great Pyrenees live with livestock in harmony but can be ag
  2. gressive to any predator. Another upside to using the Great Pyrenees is that they are nocturnal by nature. This way you can rest easy at night knowing that your flock is being watched by a humble protector.
  4. Keep your chickens in sight or in an enclosure
    It's particularly hard to keep an eye on your chickens if they are tucked out of sight. Without knowing, your eggs or chickens may fall victim to one of many predators on the prowl. It's best to keep the chickens in sight so that if you do notice something questionable happening, you will be able to reach your chickens more quickly. Many farmers choose to keep their nesting boxes inside a barn or greenhouse-like enclosure that keeps the chickens and eggs warm while preventing intruders. Just be sure to secure the enclosure before trusting it to hold your hens.
  6. Invest in a roll away nest box
    Roll away nest boxes are unlike any other nesting boxes on the market. They are designed for maximum comfort and security for the chickens and eggs, portability, as well as cleanliness.

    Sometimes the biggest threat to the eggs isn't an outside predator, it's the chickens themselves. If you've been raising chickens for very long, you know how dirty a chicken coop can become. Not only can the eggs become dirty faster, but in cramped spaces, they can be easily stepped on or otherwise damaged.

The Best Nest roll out nest box is an easy tool to use for any well-seasoned chicken farmer as well as hobbyists. And with this box, collecting eggs safely without breakage is easier than ever. It's best practice to collect eggs early in the day to prevent breakage since most hens are done laying eggs by 11 in the morning. With Best Nest Box, that isn’t necessary as the eggs have rolled away and you can collect your eggs anytime of day or night. All you have to do is pull open the egg tray. No more chicken poop on your eggs.  Enjoy clean eggs with the Best Nest Box.

The Best Nest Box is a one-of-a-kind tool that has changed the lives of a number of chicken farmers. If you're interested in having the same experience as any of our happy customers, or want to learn more about our boxes, get in touch with us today!

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