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Interested In Raising Chickens? Here Are Some Common Myths About Chicken Farming, Debunked: Part 1

August 12, 2015

rear roll out nest boxesWhen it comes to raising chickens, many people are deterred from trying it due to common misconceptions. But the fact is, raising chickens is much easier than most people perceive. Here are some of the most common myths about raising chickens.
  1. Myth: Chicken coops are smelly

    One of the most common myths surrounding chicken farming is that the chicken coops are smelly. However, this is far from the truth. The fact is, the only part about chicken coops that emit an odor is the manure itself, which chickens only produce about 1.5 ounces per day -- much less than even dogs. Plus, you can use the manure as a compost to fertilize any plants or gardens in your yard.
  2. Myth: Chickens lay one egg each day

    Having the ability to collect fresh eggs every morning is inarguably one of the best benefits of chicken farming, but it's important to understand that there are a variety of factors to consider when determining a hen's egg production. Lisa Steele, creator of the famous Fresh Eggs Daily brand, says, "The average chicken will produce four to five eggs a week, but that will vary depending on the chicken’s age, breed, health and environment. Shorter days, extreme temperatures, molting (growing in new feathers) and other stressors, such as the presence of predators, can all affect egg production."
  3. Myth: Eggs are difficult to harvest

    This may be true for some, but it all depends on what type of chicken nest boxes you've provided for your feathered friends. One box for every four to five hens is the minimum for your hens to feel comfortable laying in them. Many prefer rear roll out nest boxes due to their durability and versatility, but it comes down to a matter of personal preference.

Ultimately, chicken farming is a unique hobby for anyone who wants to have access to the freshest eggs. Keep an eye out for the next post, where we'll discuss even more chicken farming myths, and for more information about rear roll out nest boxes, contact Best Nest Box.

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