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Don't Fly the Coop! Important Tips to Help You Keep Your Feathered Friends Safe and Happy

August 05, 2015

nesting boxes for saleWhether you're in the planning stages of raising chickens or you're still deciding whether or not raising chickens is right for you, it's important to know all of the basics before you jump into anything this serious.

The basics include knowing how to pick the best chicken coop nesting boxes, what kind of food your chickens should be eating, and how to best protect your feathery friends. Here are a few safety tips that will help you keep you keep your chickens in egg-cellent condition.

Chicken Wire
Your chicken coop should be well-protected from predators both above and below ground. One of the most common mistakes that new chicken owners make is only putting chicken wire above ground. Some predators will dig underground to access the coop, which means you need to be prepared for anything and everything.

Egg Collection
This may not seem like an action that helps protect your chickens, but the truth is that some predators come by just to steal eggs. Collecting your eggs daily can help deter predators like rats and snakes from coming by and stealing eggs. A rollaway nest box is a wonderful solution to help you collect eggs easily, too. The roll away nest boxes not only keep all of the eggs in a central location, they prevent chickens from potentially breaking their own eggs.

Guard Dogs
A guard dog is one of the best methods of protection you can have for your chickens. Traditional livestock guard dog breeds such as Great Pyrenees and various kinds of Sheepdog are always great choices for guarding your chickens. Guard dogs are a good idea because unlike fences or other methods of protection, they can range further from the coop and scare predators away with their scent. If a smaller predator catches the scent of a dog, they're much less likely to come near your chickens.

The average life expectancy of most chicken breeds ranges from eight to 15 years. With the right chicken coop nesting boxes and protective measures, your chickens should live long and productive lives.

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