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Keep Your Chickens Happy With These 3 Great Tips

August 03, 2015

chicken nesting boxes for saleHaving chickens on your property is great but can be quite stressful for the animals themselves. It's important that you do everything you can to keep your chickens happy as they stay on your property. Here are a few things you should consider that will help ensure the wellbeing of your chickens.

Look for Quality Chicken Nesting Boxes for Sale
The easiest way to make your chickens happy on your property is to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Every nesting box for four to five hens is the minimum for them to feel comfortable while they lay in them. You don't want to jam pack your nest boxes because your chickens will feel cramped and unable to roam around. Check out some quality chicken nesting boxes for sale to give your chickens plenty of living space.

Choose the Right Kind of Herbs
The herbs you provide to your chickens matter greatly. They have significant health benefits, too, and healthy chickens are happy chickens. Consider lining your nesting box with lavender leaves as a stress reliever for chickens. These lavender herbs actually increase blood circulation and acts as an insecticide so it will benefit your roaming chickens as well as your laying hens. In addition to lavender, a few other herbs are great for chickens as well. Mint, oregano, and sage are three herbs that you can place in your chicken's nesting boxes. Sage is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that combat salmonella, oregano has plenty of antibiotic properties, and mint is a great rodent repellent and gives the nest a comfortable and fresh feel.

Give Them Plenty of Open Space
It's important to have quality nesting boxes, but you also need plenty of open space for your chickens to roam around. If they have to spend their entire day cooped up in a tiny area, they won't be all that happy. If you fence off a larger area on your property, however, they'll be able to nest in your boxes and still roam freely.

Don't be the kind of chicken owner who treats them poorly. Get the right nesting boxes, use quality herbs, and allow them the freedom to roam around. Visit to see some chicken nesting boxes for sale.

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