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Heating solutions - Keep eggs from freezing

We don't sell or ship these products. They are readily available on the market.  For your convenience, we've listed links below to 3rd parties that sell them.

The following are third party links to heating products that we and our customers use to keep eggs from freezing during winter. These heating products work best when used in combination with insulation under the egg tray area. Rigid foam board or bales of hay or straw are good insulation options.

Heat mat

Heat mats are available in different sizes. We would recommend the 10"x20.5" for the small and medium nesting boxes and the 48"x20" for the large nesting box. Place a heat mat under the egg tray in combination with insulation.

Click here to view heating mat on Amazon

Heat tape

Heat tape is placed under the egg tray and insulation is placed under the heat tape. For example, a 6' length of heat tape can be used underneath a large nesting box egg tray. See our customer's, Dave, success story below.

Click here to view heating tape on Amazon

Our customer, Dave, discovered an easy way to keep his eggs from freezing even when the temperature is below zero. He was happy to report that he did not have one frozen egg all winter long. Even at 22 degrees below zero, he had 100% success. Dave is in Iowa and winters are cold! It is also interesting to note that he did not collect his eggs everyday, but let them build up in the egg tray.

His winter setup included a section of 6' heat tape, that wrapped around the bottom of the egg tray floor inside the large Best Nest Box. The heat tape was held up by a piece of reflective insulation. Below the insulation, was a piece of chicken wire cut to the size of the bottom of the nest box. The chicken wire was secured with cable ties that fastened to the bottom of the nest box wire floor. The heat tape has a sensor and will only operate when necessary. No eggs froze and no eggs were cooked!

Dave also mentioned that he placed a live mouse trap in the egg tray. He caught 12 mice the first night.

"The Best Nest Box works great. I should have bought it a long time ago!" - Dave from Iowa