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We are a family farm in Ohio that sells pastured eggs. Egg collecting was always a problem until we started using this egg saving rollaway or rollout nest. Now we have clean eggs and have greatly reduced our number of damaged eggs. We have increased our overall production and profit. We must not forget to mention how we have also reduced our stress levels. Keeping our eggs clean has greatly reduced our egg packaging chore time as well. Our nest boxes travel around the pastures on trailers with our laying hens during spring, summer and fall. During the winter, we set our nest boxes on hay bales inside a greenhouse for the chickens to do their laying.

Since 2012, we have used these boxes at our farm. The manufacturer developed the box in 2003 and has improved the design over time until it is the box it is today. We believe it is the best made nest box in the USA. The quality of materials, unique design and easy assembly sets it apart. It has made all the difference for our egg business and we know it can for your farm or backyard flock.

Ultimately, we offer the best front and rear roll out nest boxes on the market.
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