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Our Customers

Read our chicken nesting box reviews below! Our customers range from backyard chicken keepers, hobby farmers, pastured farms and cage free egg farms.   Here is a sampling for you to enjoy.

"I did a trial test this summer as my family has launched into chickens. After some Amazon and internet research I ordered 2 Best Nesting Boxes and 2 from Hengear. Final cost after shipping was $10 difference. My children did assembly. I chose the cheaper more time intensive Best Nest Box assembly.
My children complained about the Hengear boxes - sharp edges, poor cuts (pieces not lining up - difficulties assembling), plus the Hengear boxes came without a back panel. Something not obvious during ordering.
They praised Best Nest Boxes and asked that I only order those going forward. I verified and validated Their perceptions an analysis.
Only Best Nest Boxes going forward for our chicken tractors!"  -Glen Y, UT


"I've been researching roll out boxes for several months, and kept coming back to The Best Nest Box. The money from my hens' eggs sales had been socked away in anticipation of being able to buy this! Within a week, ALL 47 of my hens use this box (and a guinea, too)! No broken or dirty eggs, and the broodies are back to laying! The Nest Box arrived four days earlier than expected and went together in less than 15 minutes using my power screwdriver. Hanging it up took 3 minutes, and within 10 minutes the hens were checking it out. Definitely remove your existing nesting boxes; doing so forces them to discover the new spot!" -CrazyChickenKatie, from Virginia


"Ok so we have had the Best Nest Box for 6 weeks and absolutely love the quality and functionality of it. The birds like it better than the Hengear one." -Kanagy, from North Carolina


"We love ours! I was skeptical that the eggs would break when rolling to the back. Sounded to good to be true. We are new to chickens. My girls love it. I have perfectly clean eggs everytime. I hear them roll to the back and run to look and they are just perfect." - Lulu, from Indiana

Clean chicken egg from a roll out nest box

"How many eggs does the large nest box hold??? Today at the Orchards at Weatherly Farm, the answer was 95. 😊 Love our Best Nest Boxes!!!"

Rear roll out chicken nest boxBasket of eggs

"I had to clear out the bedding on the floor. And put a little bedding in the box. They layed really right away. Love the product. Easy to assemble and collect from. Great job." - Kurtis, from Virginia

Chicken nest boxChicken coop


"Chickens are in full swing. I love these nesting boxes from Super clean eggs, and without the need to wash them, the shelf life is GREATLY increased. Look up the benefits of not washing eggs, it's pretty interesting." - HomeGrown Acres in Wawanesa, Manitoba

Double stacked roll out chicken nest boxes

"So the weekend haul used to be a very daunting task for Monday nights, but thanks to these awesome nesting boxes it takes me seconds verses hours of washing eggs! These so clean and I have absolutely no cracked eggs from chickens (occasionally from a 17month old, but never a chicken👶🏼)!!! These are simply the best, so worth every penny!!! Thank you." - Trish, from New York

Clean eggs

"We are LOVING our new boxes! Just packaged up 120 eggs, without having to wash a one... No cracks or breaks, no poo or dirt, just clean fresh eggs ready to sell.  Thank you!!!" - Jenn, from Washington

Clean eggs with a Best Nest Box

"It works! The hens and I totally love this box.  It was easy to assemble. I followed the instructions and puts some nesting material in the new box, taped up one of the flaps, and put an egg inside. They examined the box and then used it the very first day.  Such smart chickens! Now what am I going to do with all these unbroken, clean eggs?" - Chris, from Oregon

“Had one for about 6 months now and it's excellent. Good investment, should last many years.  A++  We have 9 hens using a small box and it works perfectly.”  - Aaron, from Montana

"This nesting box is the best thing I have EVER bought. It solved a multitude of problems, from egg eating chickens to clean eggs. It works perfectly!!! My husband put it together in 10 minutes and mentioned that it was very well constructed.  Again, it’s the best money that I’ve ever spent. :)"  - Elaine, from Illinois

"I just wanted to let you know about my experience with your company and nests. 
I ordered two of your large nests on a Friday and they were delivered four days later, last Tuesday. That was wonderful!!!!  
I have a flock of about 280 birds that started eating their eggs. It was maddening, to say the least. Broken, filthy eggs were my life. It occupied a great amount space in my head trying to alleviate the issue. I didn't need the stress. I found your website and I figured it might be a viable solution to our issues. 
The nests were installed last Tuesday, and we had to go out of town early the next day. (We had people doing our chores). But were ecstatic when we returned late Thursday night and saw that the chickens were using the nests with very little difficulty. We have clean, unbroken eggs!!!  Thank you!  You have a great product!!!  It saved my sanity!!" -Teri, from Wisconsin 

BEFORE the Best Nest Box

Dirty chicken eggs

AFTER the Best Nest Box

Clean eggs in the rollout chicken nest box


"I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much we like your nest boxes.  The best in the industry."  - Tom, from Virginia

"Always perfectly clean eggs thanks to our Best Nest Boxes!"  -The Nesting Box Farm, Pennsylvania
"We were skeptical regarding these group rollaway nests at first as we have used other rollaway nests before and had less than good results.  We decided to try these as we wanted  to reduce broken eggs from chickens pecking and we wanted cleaner eggs.  We are very pleased with the results.  Eggs are cleaner, much cleaner since we started using bestnest rollaway nests.  We also rarely have broken eggs now.  These nests work surprisingly well.
The best results were found in a group of young hens that had not yet started laying before we put the nests in.  Older hens that are used to laying in other nests seem to take some time to switch over.  (Habits are hard to change.)
We have a relatively small flock of chickens (about 700 hens), and we are very selective about where money is spent,  the nest boxes we purchased were a very good investment and, for our operation,  will pay for themselves over the course of 4 years or less with reduced damaged eggs alone.  Also we have very demanding customers , many of whom don't want eggs that have been washed, these bestnest rollaway nest boxes make such much more doable.  Labor saving is also significant.  We will be ordering more as we want to have all our flock using them.  I recommend these nest boxes to anyone wanting reduced egg breakage, cleaner eggs and labor saving."  -John Esplin, Esplin Farm,  Nehalem, OR
Chicken barn with roll out nest boxes


"Just wanted to say we love your boxes. We have approx 480 hens in this building and they work flawlessly, only have about 8 eggs a day that we have to wash, your boxes saved us from buying a very expensive washing machine. I recommend your boxes to everyone we know that has chickens.  Thanks again."  -Richard, Hollerin Oaks Farms, Ohio

Poultry barn with rollaway nest boxes


Pastured hens and their new trailer with Best Nest Boxes.  - Joseph, from Ohio

Chicken trailer with roll out nest boxesEgg mobile with metal nesting boxes


This is a modified chicken coop with a Best Nest Box.  - The Oaks at Winfrey Farm Estate, Tennessee

Collect eggs outside the chicken coopChicken nest box and clean, unbroken eggsModified chicken coop with a roll out nest box


"Yep it works. GREAT."  - John, from California

Roll out chicken nest box with clean eggs


"We are really happy with our box!!! Getting ready to order 2 of the larger boxes as well. Thanks for such an awesome product, we love it!"   - The Orchards at Weatherly Farm, Ohio

Child collecting chicken eggs


I'm not sure who loves the box more... The hens or us!"
-Nadine, from the Yukon, Canada
Roll out egg nester box for poultryBeautiful barn in the Yukon


"The roll out nest boxes are working out great. No more poopy eggs."
-Kiel, from Arizona

Rear collection chicken nest boxRear rollout nest box


"We are very happy with the Best Nest Boxes. I already need more of them! They have already had an impact on our egg cleaning times and they've only been in use for three days!"  -  Jody, from Scottish Thistle Farm, Washington

Mobile chicken trailer with rollaway nest boxes


"We love these nest boxes! They are very simple to put together, everything lined up perfectly! My son and I put 7 together in about an hour and mounted them in another 20 minutes. They are very well engineered to be reasonably light weight and yet very strong and sturdy. We're still waiting for this flock to begin laying but if the hens like them as good as we do we will be repeat customers. So far these are the best manual-gather nest boxes we have ever found for pastured operations."   - Carl, from Stony Mountain Ranch, Pennsylvania

Chicken tractor with roll out nest boxes


"The girls are really lovin the Best Nest Box. More so the wife enjoy's gather clean eggs! I've dealt with a lot of suppliers through work and with market farming but I can honestly say that the line of communication and ease of ordering from Best Nest Box is second to none. You won't be disappointed with the craftsmanship of the boxes. If anybody needs a reference for Best Nest Box, do not hesitate to contact me through Facebook."  -  Stephen, from Just Farmin', Ohio

Chicken coop set up


"The cranky older hens are trying it out for the first time!"  - Janeil, from Ohio

Community nest box