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Chicken Poultry Nest Pad - AstroTurf (Large)

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This nest pad is our the LARGE nest pad which measures 48" x 12".

Small (17" x 12"), Medium (24" x 12"), and Medium Extended (36" x 12") size nest pads are also available.

Free shipping on nest pads when ordered with a nest box (up to 3 nest pads per box). 

Orders typically ship within 1 to 3 business days after they are received. During peak periods (spring time), shipping may be delayed.  During these times and if we are experiencing delays, the amount of shipping delay will be clearly displayed on the applicable product pages.  Nest pad only orders currently shipping within 3 to 7 business days.

One nest pad is included in the purchase of each nest box.  Order extras to have spares for easy cleaning. Extra nest pads ship for free (up to 3 per box) with a nest box order.  This removable brown nest pad is made of polyethylene resins in a grass-like configuration.  These pads are easy to clean and do not provide a home for bacteria.

How to clean your nest pad -  Place the dirty pads in a tub of detergent water for a few hours then brush, clean, rinse and return them to the nest after they are completely dry.

How to Prepare your Hens 

We want you to have the best success possible with AstroTurf nest pads. Birds are sensitive creatures, and they may need some help getting used to the genuine AstroTurf. Here are some tips for rearing your hens: 

Pullets need to get used to AstroTurf before going in to nest 

If pullets are raised outside, they will be used to grass. This means the new feeling of the nest pad will take some getting used to. Put the nest pads outside with the hens so they can get familiar with them before being put into the house. 

Also check the color and lighting of the environment the pullets were raised in. It helps if the houses mimic the conditions the pullets were raised in. 

Allow pads to get to house-temperature. You should make your nests as receptive as possible to attract even the timid pullets; put AstroTurf® pads in nest prior to replacement of pullets. 

Nests should be in the house and ready for use when the flock is housed 

It is very important for the nests to be in the house before the pullets arrive. This is so the pullets can get used to the nesting material right away. This will increase the hens’ use of the nests and therefore, decrease the number of floor eggs. 

Cleaning Nest Pads is Critical 

AstroTurf pads should be cleaned periodically 

Approximately 3 weeks into production, take the pads out of the nests and shake all the dirt, dust and droppings. Place the pads back in the nests and the hens will continue to use them as intended. 


As pads fill with dirt and droppings due to normal use, take them from the nests and shake or tap them against the slats, then return them to the nests. You may wish to do a few each day or week; or go through the entire house and shake them all. (This also will promote fewer contaminated eggs.) 

DURING YOUR PERIODIC INSPECTIONS we suggest you carry a few clean pads with you and exchange them with pads soiled from broken eggs or droppings. Place the dirty pads in a tub of detergent water for a few hours then brush, clean, rinse and return them to the nest after they are completely dry. 

Rodent Control is critical for proper maintenance of the pad

Egg residue and droppings attract rodents. Their eating habits can and will destroy the pads.