The Original PerchPopper - Automatic nest box door opener

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Let the Best Nest Box Original PerchPopper open your nest box roost bar automatically. The PerchPopper is designed to work seamlessly with all Best Nest Box models. No more extra trips out to the coop to open your nest box roost bar. The Original PerchPopper runs on two AA batteries. Saves time and gives you peace of mind that the nest box is open and ready for your hens first thing in the morning.

Keep your chickens out of the nest box every night by closing the roost bar manually. (Close it manually sometime after laying time is over. OR Make sure to close before the hens roost for the night.) The closed roost bar keeps the messy night time droppings out of your nest box. The Original PerchPopper will automatically open the nest box roost bar anytime after the hens have roosted for the night.

The Original PerchPopper can be used with small, medium and large Best Nest Boxes. The Original PerchPopper is also usable on both the front and rear roll out configurations of the Best Nest Box. 3/4 INCH SPACE is needed to the RIGHT SIDE of the nest box if you are looking at the front of the nest. If you are installing your nest box as a REAR ROLL OUT, NO EXTRA SPACE is needed. The part that extends 3/4 inch past the nest box can then be installed differently and no extra space is needed to accommodate the PerchPopper.

Any roll out nest box, including the Best Nest Box, should be level in both directions for optimal movement of eggs to the collection area.  The PerchPopper will tolerate some degree of out-of-level, but works best with a level nest box.


  • Easy operation with innovative magnetic latch
  • Easy no fuss setting of the open time
  • Takes two AA batteries with long-lasting battery life
  • Features low battery indicator light