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Small (17") Reversible Roll Out Chicken Nest Box (Up To 10 hens)

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The Best Nest Box roll out nest box (also called a rollaway nest box) has a sloped floor which causes eggs to roll away from the hens to a collection area. This roll out feature keeps the eggs clean and unbroken and all in one place for easy collection.


  • Made in the USA 
    Using quality materials and craftsmanship since 2003
  • Roll out (aka rollaway) nest box
    Uses a precisely sloped floor which allows eggs to roll out or roll away from hens to a separate convenient and protected collection area where they stay clean and unbroken.
  • Dual floor system
    Keeps nest box cleaner.  Wire mesh collection area allows easy and quick cleaning and debris to escape nest box.  AstroTurf nest pad in laying area gives hens a more comfortable hygienic area for laying.  Learn more about why we don't extend the laying nest pad into the collection area.
  • Community style nest box
    A community style nest box does not have any walls or dividers in the laying area.  The laying area is one continuous open space.   This differs from divided nest boxes that have walls/dividers between the spaces where hens lay.  A community style nest box helps alleviate overcrowding issues.  Learn more about why the Best Nest Box uses a community style design.
  • Reversible collection area
    Can be easily configured at any time as front or rear roll out to fit your needs.
  • Keeps hens out of nest box at night
    Rotate perch bar up after egg collection to close off access to nest box and keep hens from dirtying nest box at night.  Rotate perch bar down after hens have roosted elsewhere to allow access for laying the next morning.  This step can be automated with the PerchPopper.
  • V-shape durable vinyl curtains
    Gives hens easy access to the nest box and also a sense of a safe and secure nesting area.  Learn more
  • Egg Guard protects eggs
    Angled metal egg guard to discourage hens from reaching the eggs in collection area.  Read more about why we do this.
  • Built-in wall mounting
    Easy wall mounting with integrated mounting tabs.  Nest box can also be used free standing.
  • Learn more details about the Best Nest Box.


  • Small size nest box accommodates up to 10 hens (other sizes available medium, medium extendedlarge)
  • 17-5/16” length, 19-3/4" tall (at highest point), 21” depth
  • 17 pounds

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